Major events require major power. When the grid is put under pressure, back up power is a necessary requirement which is why generator sets are the Events Industries number one ally, particularly in Southern Africa, where the stability of our grids, and the consistency of our supply means that power can not be guaranteed. 

    We understand that your event sponsors will enforce financial penalties in the event of power failures affecting your event - we will support your business to mitigate that risk.

    HIMOINSA Southern Africa offer generator sets that are compact, robust and easy to transport. Units that are ready to be connected to auxiliary-external fuel tanks when required. Units that are super silent, fuel efficient and provide reliable power with low emissions. Comprehensive, flexible, sustainable solutions.

    Local Projects

    Rugby World Cup Sevens 

    Race Events 

    Mining 1-2-1

    Centurion Cricket 

    Benefits of HIMOINSA generators and Lighting Towers for Events


    Plug&Play for synchronisation and load sharing.


    Compact and easy to transport. 


    Super silent. Special rock wool insulation.


    Doors with an angled top face to prevent water leakage and corrosion caused by water accumulation.


    Best in class fuel efficiency, fuel consumption and fuel filtration systems.


    Generators with the latest technology in gas post-treatment systems.


    Our case studies

    Our experience

    12MW | Rugby World Cup Sevens Tournament, South Africa


    HIMOINSA generator sets providing more than 4 MW of power each night for a Guinness World Record show of lights, fire and lasers projected onto a gigantic wall of water.

    Have you ever wondered what a power cut might entail as far as the safety of the artists or indeed the spectators at a Cirque du Soleil performance are concerned? The reliability of the installation is particularly important and that is why the complex nature of certain shows makes it essential to have units able to respond to continuous load variations.

    Reducing the carbon footprint

    Best-in-class| Robust and resilient equipment

    Most events are held outdoors and that is something we have considered in the design. The generator sets are exposed to the rain, to temperatures that can be extremely high or extremely low, which means that their interior must be as insulated as possible against the prevailing atmospheric conditions.

    HIMOINSA has incorporated a new layer in the process it follows to paint and protect metal parts. This involves a zinc-rich primer prior to the final finish that gives the canopy over 1,500 hours. 

    Thermal and acustic isolation is guaranteed with volcanic rock wool with a density of
    145kg/m3 and a thickness of 50 mm.

    ISO 9001:2008 HIMOINSA meets the requirements imposed by international quality standards. Classification C5 High.

    Our state-of-the-art Silent Plus S+ generator sets have been specifically designed to meet the increasingly pressing demand for generator sets for events held in urban areas and major cities. 

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