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    HIMOINSA Southern Africa provide 1500kVA emergency rental power for events company GL Events and Nasrec COVID-19 Field Hospital

    Project Summary

    Location: Johannesburg, South Africa 

    Customer: GL Events

    Equipment: 3 x 500kVA 3 Phase 400v Generators HRFW-500 T5 

    Configuration: Manual start. 24/7 remote monitoring via DSE890 WebNet


    The Nasrec field hospital was commissioned in April 2020 to help alleviate the burden of Covid-19 patients at clinics and hospitals across Johannesburg. The site was developed in 2 phases with phase 2 becoming operational in August. 

    The facility provides a safe environment for those who are Covid-19 positive, but who are unable to self-isolate, thereby protecting family members, and the greater community, from further spreading the highly transmissible virus. 

    The rate of Covid-19 infection in a city as densely populated as Johannesburg, where living conditions are often overcrowded and sanitary facilities below basic, was of paramount concern to the SA Department of Health. As such it was imperative that the isolation facility was set up in record time. 

    The centrally located GL Events, Johannesburg Expo Centre, Nasrec, with 150,000 square meters of versatile and flexible indoor and outdoor space, was considered to be the ideal location to establish an isolation centre. 

    Upon completion of phase 2 the site developed from an isolation centre to include provision of medical care. It was reclassified as a field hospital and from August was treating Covid-19 patients in need of oxygen. The facility has 1500 beds available, 500 with direct oxygen and 70 with oxygen concentrators. 

    With such critical medical equipment on site, as well as vital air filtration, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, the requirement for a reliable power solution that keeps these systems operational was of the highest priority.


    HIMOINSA Southern Africa were chosen as power supplier of choice for three main reason: quality and reliability of the generator sets; rapid deployment and commissioning timescales; ongoing service support, plus on-site training, by their in-house OEM team throughout the contract term. 

    Due to keeping stock in bond and at regional service centres at all times, HIMOINSA were in a position to commission a project of national importance within 48hrs of an effective contract and sign-off. 

    Three 500kVA units were placed strategically on site to provide power to the different halls being utilised for patient care. The units provide essential standby back-up power in the event of a grid outage. With regular load shedding scheduled in the city the requirement for reliable back up power is a certainty. 

    The generator sets power the critical mobile oxygen concentrators which provide vital support to the COVID-19 patients, as well as the air filtration system, HVAC systems and communal lighting. The air in the facility is filtered twice, both through a HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) and UV lights. 

    Due to the sensitivity of the equipment being powered by the generator sets each unit is manually controlled and has its own unique starting sequence. HIMOINSA Southern Africa OEM Technical teams provided on-site training to technicians at the hospital to ensure the start-up process can be initiated seamlessly. 

    For the duration of the contract HIMOINSA in-house technicians also provide ongoing rapid service support and remotely monitor the units 24/7 via DSE890 WebNet interface to ensure that the engine and alternator parameters are correct and in line with OEM specification.


    To guarantee the highest possible safety levels, the lighting towers feature a host of safety sensors. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards.

    Three x 500kVA units provide standby back-up power for oxygen concentrators, communal lighting and HVAC systems

    On Site technical OEM training for local technicians for start-up process.

    48hour project commissioning turn around from effective contract and GL sign-off

    1500 beds requiring back up power inside a contained unit during national load shedding

    70 portable Oxygen Concentrators in case of power outage

    24/7 remote monitoring via DSE890 WebNet interface


    Seema Ramnath | Procurement Manager - GL Events South Africa 

     “On behalf of GL Events we would like to thank HIMOINSA Southern Africa for assisting us on delivering a successful project at the Nasrec COVID Field hospital. We appreciate your support in understanding the time constraints involved. As part of this world pandemic, we are proud to partner with HIMOINSA to assist our country during this period. We will overcome this to move forward."  


    The centrally located GL Events, Johannesburg Expo Centre, Nasrec, with 150,000 square meters of versatile and flexible indoor and outdoor space, was considered to be the ideal location to establish an isolation centre.

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